One Hundred Push ups? – A step by step plan to achieve extraordinary results

I recently discovered the website The site provides a simple, progressive, training program to get any person doing one hundred consecutive push ups within just six weeks.

For people who don’t have too much upper body strength and would like to start working on it, give this routine a shot. The next 6 weeks will change you.

It doesn’t matter whether you are at “I can barely do two push ups…” or “I can already do thirty…”, the program works for everyone.

The program starts off with an initial test to establish where you are right now. Based on your initial level, you then follow a customized workout program that is only three days a week for a total of six weeks.

So people who can’t yet do pushups will have small goals like finishing a single pushup and taking a break. You have no excuse for not trying!!! This workout is for anyone who wants to get stronger arms.

The program slowly but steadily increases the target over the next few weeks, so you hardly ever notice the change. The workout always seems slightly hard but never too hard.

I am currently on Week 3, and did 90 push ups today (in small sets of about 15 push ups each with one minute breaks in between). It wasn’t too hard. Hopefully I will be at 100 continuous push ups by Week 6.

I personally found the information on the website more than enough to get started. However, for those who need it, the site owner has published a book called 7 Weeks to 100 Push-Ups. The book has detailed workout plans and effective warm-up exercises and stretches to safely complete the program.

The reason I love this workout is it that it takes only a few minutes a day to complete, and ramps up in gradual, easily manageable steps, which fits in with the Kaizen Principle for achieving massive change effortlessly

Also, push ups are something I can do anywhere (without needing a gym) and anytime I have a few minutes.

Besides, the idea of being able to do hundred push ups is just plain cool!!

Update: Since I wrote this article, I completed the entire workout. During the final test, I was able to complete 88 continuous push ups. It wasn’t the hundred I would have liked to reach, but it is an accomplishment I can be pretty happy about; Especially considering the fact that I could do around 30 before I attempted the challenge. Maybe someday, once I strengthen my lower back a little more, I can shoot for the full hundred. Since then I have moved on to much more challenging workouts including one handed pushups and the twenty pull-ups challenge. Once you finish the hundred pushup challenge, maybe you can give these a try.