Six Pack Abs and a Toned Body – You don’t really want it

Do you want to be extremely fit and healthy? Maybe have a toned body with a six-pack instead of a growing belly with flabby arms? Is getting fit and healthy a priority in your life?

Over the last year, while focusing on fitness and nutrition, I dropped nearly 14 Kgs (31 lbs) and 6 inches off my waist. I’ve now reached the point where people automatically stereotype me as “the fitness guy”, or “the bodybuilder”.

Since then, more and more people have reached out to me for fitness, nutrition and weight loss advice. Everyone wants to know exactly what I did, and how easy or difficult it would be for them to replicate.

I usually go out of the way to try and help friends when they ask for advice, since fitness is still a very big part of my life, and I’m always happy to help others on the same path. I freely share information about my diet/nutrition, exercise routines, and how I keep myself motivated.

It’s a pleasure to see the excitement in their eyes when they see how simple it can be to get into great shape; when they realize that their “stretch goal”, is in fact realistically possible in just two or three months.

However I’ve come to a bitter realization over the last year of trying to help people get fit.

Most people don’t really want to get fit and healthy. Most people don’t want to look like the models they see in magazines. In fact, they don’t even want to get half-way to that point to look “not unhealthy”.

All most people really want to do is talk about how much they want it, while continuing to remain in their current unhealthy state, or worse getting even more unfit.

Every time someone takes home one of the workout programs I recommend, I get hopeful that maybe this one person will stick with it and achieve great results. Often they message me after a few days about how amazing it feels and share the initial results they are getting, which gets me optimistic since unlike ninety percent of their peers, they actually started and committed to it.

And then, even though they see the results they have already got in just a few days, even though they know that this program works, without fail, they stop.

They abruptly stop messaging updates, and just as abruptly stop talking about fitness.

When I make the effort to reach out and check up, out come the excuses – no time, too tired, suddenly very busy.

Almost consistently and without fail, each of them usually says that they haven’t quit, they have just stopped for a little while and they plan to start again when they “have the time”. I still don’t know of one person among dozens of friends who started again or managed to find time.

I had someone tell me once, “exercise is a priority for me, however I just don’t get the time“.

My response? “No. It isn’t. Your priority is eating and drinking with your friends, watching movies, or relaxing and watching tv. If exercise was your priority over these things you would first exercise, and then say you didn’t have time to watch movies or hang out with friends. The fact that exercise doesn’t come before these things clearly means, by definition, that fitness isn’t the priority in your life.

So now let me ask again – Do you want to be fit and healthy? Is being healthy a priority in your life?

Answer honestly, and if the answer is no, then learn to accept it. Start admitting to people that you find it easier to be fat and unhealthy and prefer making excuses to getting fit and healthy. That you don’t want to be the best that you can be.

Don’t lie to yourself. At least this way you won’t feel guilty about missing out on exercise or eating unhealthy.

And when you truly decide to make fitness your priority, you can commit fully and achieve results.

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  1. anshul10s

    Well said dude.. I can totally correlate.. And this article will make me think about my Fintness a lot now 🙂

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