Fighting Boredom

Right now, I feel a feeling that I think of as boredom. I don’t even know if I’m using the right word for the feeling because I can’t really show the feeling to someone and verify that I have the right name. 

So I have this feeling, which I think is called boredom, which I believe must be fought. And the reason I believe it must be fought is because that’s apparently what you do with boredom, fight it until you no longer have it. 

Now fighting boredom involves doing things that don’t bore you so you no longer feel bored. So in a way fighting is just a way of distracting yourself with amusing things. The dilemma I face with boredom however is that no matter how many times I valiantly fight it and win, it eventually comes back. 

This is why I sometimes wonder if someone ever took the time to find a more effective and permanent solution. Maybe, instead of fighting, we could just be friends? But if fighting is distracting yourself, what is making friends with boredom?

If you are friends with it, does boredom suddenly become fun? But why would boredom change because of friendship? Real friendship is about accepting friends as they are instead of expecting them to change. 

So now I’m stuck with a friend who is pure boredom, never leaves my side, and whom I can’t even fight with or do anything to distract myself from. Now what do I do?

Maybe this is why people prefer fighting and distracting themselves to making new friends.