Prisoners of Profundity

The problem with writing even one article that sounds a little profound is that I suddenly get stuck. Every subsequent thought that I have now has a new barrier to surpass. But what that barrier is, I can’t ever really describe because I have no idea what it really is, namely the idea that my next thought needs to be even more profound. 

The meaning of the word profound as I discovered during a period of heightened insight, was using meaningless words so that sentences could be interpreted any way the listener wanted and attribute it to having many deep meanings, rather than the actual reason, which is that the sentence was so vague that it didn’t have a single precise meaning in itself. That’s how one sounds profound, by saying things that don’t really mean anything, and saying them very slowly. 

So why is being profound a goal? It seems like a silly goal. I might as well write something long and boring and then change every second word by replacing it with an empty or abstract word so my writing suddenly becomes profound. But is my goal to be profound or to convey meaning? 

And if it is meaning I want to convey, then why not let the title of the article be the essence of the meaning that I want to convey, and then use this meaning as the guiding principle to shape my thoughts as I place them into words. 

I can then let the final decision of whether my purpose has been achieved be based on how well my words convey the meaning I want to share and how well the readers feel the feelings I want to impart to them. 

My goal is to move the readers’ hearts, but not necessarily push them towards a specific direction. Let their own hearts take them where they need to go. But let them atleast feel something new that they never felt before, and know that my words somehow helped them have that experience. 

This is all I believe writing needs to be about. 

As soon as we reduce the goal of writing to just that – expressing what we feel, as best as we know how – suddenly all blocks disappear. Writing becomes as easy as typing while thinking, and thinking is just converting your feelings into words. So if you can feel, you can write. 

And sometimes while converting your feelings into words, without even trying, your words might actually end up sounding a little profound. Which is great if it happens on its own. Just don’t waste your time chasing it.