Why do monkeys pretend to talk?

This is a thought that I’ve had for a while now. Most creatures have mouths and tongues so they can taste and eat food. Some creatures learn to use these mouths to make noises either to attract attention or warn others. 

As mammals evolved, the complexity of these vocalisations increased with them being able to create a large range of grunts, growls and other unique sounds. 

However of all these creatures, man was the only animal which decided that the random and meaningless sounds it made actually meant something significant. No dog was calling its barking poetry.  No cow was calling its mooing wisdom.

However man decreed that certain growls and grunts in certain specific patterns mean something special and profound. In fact the barking sounds represented by “profound” and “beautiful” are things that all human apes aspired towards. However, no one seemed to realise, that unlike growls like apple and orange, which they could atleast point to and identify in the real world, profound is a noise that no one could really point to or identify, making it even more meaningless of a sound. 

Take the time to look around at this world where everyone is just barking sounds at each other and pretending that they are conversing, and ask yourself, what do you really see now? Not just at each other, people make meaningless sounds at animals that can’t possibly make the same sounds back, and at plants that can’t respond in any way. And then, to top it off, they decide to tell themselves that what they are doing is a beautiful way of expressing love, another meaningless sound that they can’t point at or identify. 

As I stare at this nonsensical world around me, I am left with but one question – “What am I even doing on this silly planet where everyone is just barking at each other?”.  And as I ponder the question, another one comes to me – “Why am I acting as if my last question has any meaning at all, when all these words are just meaningless sounds made by monkeys who think they are talking?”