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Trapped in Sleeplessness

After tons of introspection I have learned to recognise signs that I need sleep. Nothing too unusual. A little tiredness, a little restlessness, and an inability to focus on anything for too long.  What this means to me is that it’s time for me to take a little nap, unless of course it’s the end of the day, in which case it’s time for me to just call it a day and go to bed.  Now comes the problem that I have. Knowing I want to sleep, but not being able to.  I thought that writing an article on insomnia would be so boring that I’d fall asleep.  Sadly that does not seem to be the case.  Instead I seem to have  developed a morbid fascination with where this article is going. I can’t imagine it going anywhere significant because I am too sleepy to write anything particularly riveting. Instead, all I’m really doing is watching a stream of words flow out and wondering where they are headed.  I don’t want them to go anywhere too fascinating because then I won’t be able to fall asleep. On the

Living without Goals - Using the wisdom of children to navigate life as an adult

For most of my life, I insisted on having goals for everything I wanted to achieve.  Fitness? - “ This is how I want to look and these are the things I am going to do to get there ”. Wealth? - “ These are the things I want to have and these are the things I will do to try and get them ”.  Everything had a goal, and each goal had milestones and steps needed to accomplish them.  After years and years of banging my head against walls trying to achieve my goals, I realised something very important about goals - that striving for and achieving them are both equally pointless and unfulfilling.  The only thing I ever seemed to get out of accomplishing a goal was a momentary sense of achievement and then it was back to either getting bored with nothing to do or planning the next goal to strive for.  I was racing a never ending race with myself, while somehow pretending to myself that I was actually competing with other people and accomplishing a greater purpose. But the truth was no one else r

Prisoners of Time

Why is it that time seems to slow down so much when we are waiting for something?  Each second seems to stretch for eternity.  What is it that causes it to fly by when we would prefer to savour each second, but stand still when we would prefer to rush past the moment so we can get to the other side? It almost feels like time knows our deepest desires and does what it can to prevent us from ever getting what we want, i.e. more of what we call pleasure and less of what we consider suffering.  Is time even a real concept or just a made up four lettered word we use to measure how much we are suffering in a situation? Is the passing of time real or just an illusion? If time is just a man made concept that prolongs suffering, what can we do to stop this self inflicted suffering?  How do we master time so it no longer controls us in this way? Do things like meditation and spirituality enable us to be free of time?  If we stop believing in time, will it then stop bothering us and just go away?

Children are wiser than we realise - The secret to achieving our goals effortlessly

 Ever think about what goes through a baby's mind as it is learning to crawl? Does the baby plan the steps it needs to take?  Does it think " I need to place my weight on both my knees as well as my left hand, then move my right hand slightly ahead. I then need to move my left knee forward. No wait maybe my right knee. But I also need to move my left hand. Oh, and I need to make sure I keep facing the same direction when I move forward otherwise I'll crawl in circles "? Does that sound like something a baby would be thinking before it starts crawling? Do you think that the baby waits till it has a perfect plan in its mind before it attempts to crawl? Does it think " I can do this. And if I can start crawling and reach there, everyone will start praising me and respect me for my crawling skills " ? Can you imagine a baby saying something like that to try and motivate itself? Why do you think babies learn things in an almost effortless manner, while adults act