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Writing to express and not to impress

As someone who loves to write, I’ve always had times in the past where I struggled with writer’s block - where I couldn’t think of anything interesting to say and no words seemed to come out.  I hated these moments.  I wanted to be able to write things that sounded cool and interesting, and that other people would like. I kept searching for ways to overcome these blocks so I could start writing again.  That’s when I realised that I was looking in the wrong direction. I was trying to impress others even though, in my heart, that wasn’t what I really cared about.  I realised writing, at least for me, was to express myself and not to impress others. My best writing came when I didn’t care about what others might think, but instead only cared about sharing my true feelings.  Writing isn’t about others. It’s about you. It is about what you feel in the moment and sharing that feeling with others.  As soon as we reduce the goal of writing to just that, expressing what we feel as best as we ca

Words with meaning

I once had the most unusual experience.  Someone had just said to me the words “Thank you”. Just these two words, nothing else.  Now ordinarily, I would never consider an occurrence like this to be anything unusual. However what made this day and this specific event unusual was that I didn’t just hear the words, I felt them.  In that moment it felt like the two of us were the only two people in this world, and the only feeling I could feel inside me was this person’s gratitude towards me. I couldn’t look away and I couldn’t feel anything except that feeling of gratitude. It felt like time had frozen still and this moment would last forever.  Now this didn’t makes any sense to me at all.  Words weren’t supposed to work like this. Words were just sounds we made with our mouths because our parents and teachers had taught us to make certain specific sounds at specific times or during specific occasions. Words weren’t supposed to have these kinds of feelings attached to them, and the feelin

Feelings can be very confusing sometimes

There was once a time when I had this mysterious feeling that I didn’t recognise. I didn’t even know what to call it, though I thought it might be boredom. The thing is, I can never really be sure whether a feeling is what I think it is, because I have no way to show the feeling to someone else and verify it’s name.  That’s the problem with feelings. It’s really hard to show someone your feelings properly. It’s equally as hard to describe them using words. Words are in fact such a horrendously inadequate means to convey emotions to another person that we can never be really sure whether they truly understand how we feel, even after we express our feelings to them.  I don’t know if it is possible for someone to hear or feel another person’s emotions without the other person saying a word. At least, I don’t think I’ve met anyone who could do this.  If I met someone like that, I’d have loved to ask them to explain to me what it is I was feeling, because I had no clue.  Maybe I wouldn’t ev

Shattered dreams

I always loved to dream big and beautiful dreams filled with joy and wonder, and because these dreams were always larger than life, I invariably also watched them shatter into little pieces.  I knew I could probably dream smaller and more realistic dreams so they didn’t always end up the same way, but if they became small and realistic would they still be dreams? So I decided to look at my dreams closely and tried to understand why they shattered so easily.  To my shock, I discovered that dreams didn’t really need to shatter.  Even dreams that never come true are beautiful and perfect and can last forever. The only reason my dreams shattered was because I stopped loving them if they didn’t come true.  It wasn’t the dreams. They were perfect and had always been so. I was the one who couldn’t see it anymore.  So now I no longer hold onto my dreams tightly like I did before. Once I dream, I let them go, no longer needing them to come true.  And as the dreams fly away from me, they soar ra