Shattered dreams

I always loved to dream big and beautiful dreams filled with joy and wonder, and because these dreams were always larger than life, I invariably also watched them shatter into little pieces. 

I knew I could probably dream smaller and more realistic dreams so they didn’t always end up the same way, but if they became small and realistic would they still be dreams?

So I decided to look at my dreams closely and tried to understand why they shattered so easily. 

To my shock, I discovered that dreams didn’t really need to shatter. 

Even dreams that never come true are beautiful and perfect and can last forever. The only reason my dreams shattered was because I stopped loving them if they didn’t come true. 

It wasn’t the dreams. They were perfect and had always been so. I was the one who couldn’t see it anymore. 

So now I no longer hold onto my dreams tightly like I did before. Once I dream, I let them go, no longer needing them to come true. 

And as the dreams fly away from me, they soar radiant into the night sky, brighter and more beautiful than ever before, the way they were always meant to be. 

All I had to do was let go. 

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