Writing to express and not to impress

As someone who loves to write, I’ve always had times in the past where I struggled with writer’s block - where I couldn’t think of anything interesting to say and no words seemed to come out. 

I hated these moments. 

I wanted to be able to write things that sounded cool and interesting, and that other people would like. I kept searching for ways to overcome these blocks so I could start writing again. 

That’s when I realised that I was looking in the wrong direction. I was trying to impress others even though, in my heart, that wasn’t what I really cared about. 

I realised writing, at least for me, was to express myself and not to impress others. My best writing came when I didn’t care about what others might think, but instead only cared about sharing my true feelings. 

Writing isn’t about others. It’s about you. It is about what you feel in the moment and sharing that feeling with others. 

As soon as we reduce the goal of writing to just that, expressing what we feel as best as we can, all the blocks disappear. 

No more fear, no more hesitation, no more thinking about what others might  think or say. 

Writing becomes as simple as putting your feelings into words. 

So if you can feel, you can write. 

Let your feelings be your guide and keep writing what’s in your heart. 

You might even discover that sometimes people like what you share. Just don’t waste your time searching for it.


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