Speaking a new language can feel incredibly limiting

Sometimes I feel that switching to a new language cripples my ability to express myself freely, and while I no longer have a fear of making mistakes like I used to, not being able to say what I want to say as well as I can makes me resist speaking in the new language and want to fall back to my native tongue.  

Now if I were to try to express this same thought in Spanish, it would sound very different, partly because I would be trying to translate from English rather than thinking and feeling as a Spanish speaker would, and partly because I wouldn’t have a large enough vocabulary or sufficiently complex grammatical structures at my disposal to do these feelings the justice that I believe they deserve. 

Now a lot of this is probably just me overthinking things, and chances are that what I want to express could have been said in a single sentence using simpler words and would convey more or less the same meaning, but could you really say that nothing is lost when I use a simple sentence like “no puedo hablar en español como en inglés porque no tengo suficiente vocabulario”?

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