Journey to Perfection

We each of us are inherently drawn towards those that we consider our idols, those idealized symbols of perfection that we hope to someday emulate. From them, we learn and model ideas and behaviors that we believe are similar to our own internal image of perfection, and in doing so arrive closer to this goal that we have always sensed inside of our self  but have never been able to clearly express in words. The more we learn from them, the closer we get to this internal image. 

But once we have learned and modeled all that we can, it is time to move on, with gratitude in our hearts, because not doing so will hold us back from our goal of moving closer towards our model of perfection. 

This is not because our idols are imperfect, but because their ideal of perfection is different, and the journey they must make is along a different path. Following them on their path can only delay our own journey and might even take us in the wrong direction. 

And so, at this point, we must learn to walk away, onwards and seeking our next bearing, because the only purpose we truly have in our lives is this journey to perfection. 

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