Writing: Embracing the Fluidity of Creative Expression

Writing is a nuanced process that defies conventional expectations of monumental creation. Rather than constructing from scratch, it often feels like piecing together fragments that gradually form a cohesive whole.

In the past, I saw writing as the act of stringing sentences together, aiming to create a larger context. However, the mere notion of this greater context hindered my ability to begin.

How can I fit the initial word into a broader framework when I haven't grasped its essence? Placing a word within a sentence became a challenge, as I struggled to comprehend the sentence itself. At best, I could capture my present emotions through sentence fragments, allowing them to flow towards coherence with subsequent words. Perhaps, over time, these sentences would converge into something more profound.

Yet, if this is my approach to writing, how can I ensure that my words resonate with meaning?

The truth is, I can't. And I've come to embrace this uncertainty as an integral part of the writing process. Writing refuses to conform to rigid plans or formulas.

Instead, I've learned to trust the natural flow of emotions as they emerge from within. I jot them down without concern for their destination. Gradually, organic patterns reveal themselves. This process becomes ingrained in my subconscious.

Writing transforms from deliberate action into a spontaneous occurrence, much like embarking on a leisurely stroll and exploring uncharted territories. My feet move independently, and my role becomes that of an observer, savoring the sights, occasionally favoring one direction over another. Instinctively, my feet guide me, and when weariness sets in, they lead me back home.

Likewise, writing becomes an effortless expression facilitated by my fingertips. I assume the role of an observer, reading the words materializing on the page, transcribed by my own hands.

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