Notes: Differences/Suggestions/Bugs

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Notes: Differences/Suggestions/Bugs

Postby Tim » Thu Jul 04, 2013 5:06 pm

Hi, First of all i want to thank you doing this great project.
The fist C&C was the fist ever video game i bought by myself for my 486.
You can imagine i still have a little soft spot for it. And i would very much to contribute to this project in the form of advice.

In this thread i will make a list of things that are off, in any shape or form, compared to the original.
*I start off with a things i found in the first two SP missions. Later i will add MP stuff.

[SPRITE] Missing idle animation for soldier(s)
[SPRITE] Missing craters on the ground after the impact of gunboat missiles
[SPRITE] Missing tool-tips (For instance; 'Unrevealed Terrain', 'Enemy Structure', 'Barracs', or 'Power ****/****')
[SPRITE] Missing move order feedback (When giving an unit an order there should be a little ping on the ground indicating where you clicked and where the unit will move to)
[SPRITE] When attacking an enemy building/unit it should blink/flicker a couple of times very quickly. Indicating the attack order
[SPRITE] Missing tiberium indicators on harvester/refinery/silo
[SPRITE] Missing 'Primary' on buildings with the same function
[SPRITE] Missing construction yard building animation when placing a building
[SPRITE] Missing the muzzle flash on the Humvee and Nod Buggy
[SPRITE] The map seems vague or out of focus compared to the trees and buildings
[SPRITE] Missing movement of water/waves near the shore

[SCRIPT] General technology tree implementation
[SCRIPT] Buildings don't leave civilians or minigunners after being destroyed and or sold
[SCRIPT] No way to cancel a building that is 'Ready' (in the side bar) to be build
[SCRIPT] Force attack and force move missing (this could be done in the original while respectively holding CTRL and ALT)
[SCRIPT] Some buildings aren't the right shape (when deploying the refinery or power plant you can see they have recesses, in the original a tank or up to five soldiers could stand there, that wont work here)
[SCRIPT] Gunboat missiles now impact the same spot (Missiles should sometimes divert and or hit the target on different places)
[SCRIPT] Minigunner rifle impact decals now impact the same spot (The place of impact from the guns should be more random (same goes for humvee's))
[SCRIPT] Minigunner rilfe impact decals are very small (They should be a little bit bigger)
[SCRIPT] No way selecting primary building (When you have two barracs there is no way to select which building is the primary to build from)
[SCRIPT] When having a unit selected and hold the mouse cursor over the selected unit, the cursor shows the movement cursor (in this case the cursor should be the arrow)
[SCRIPT] Grenade (from grenadier) impact explosion (placement, should be a tiny bit random)
[SCRIPT] Changeable radar size (Done with the map button next to the repair and sell button)
[SCRIPT] Tooltip box in the side bar is most of the time the wrong size (Bazooka, the box is too small. Silo, the box is to o big)
[SCRIPT] Flying vehicles should be build on an empty helipad (when the helipad is full the unit flies in from the border)
[SCRIPT] Flying vehicles can't be repaired on the repair facility right now
[SCRIPT] Flying vehicles don't hover/bob in the air while attacking
[SCRIPT] Units with a attack order stop moving when target is destroyed (i'm not sure how this was handled in the original, allmost sure this was as intended. Right now it looks weird because of infantry moving in a single file)

[BLDNG] GDI weapons factory building size offset is wrong (now it is possible to build on the 'grave' in front of the building)
[BLDNG] Repair facility should not have the top right and top left corners of the building size ( ... 09w#t=117s Look when placing it)
[BLDNG] GDI advanced guard tower doesn't attack air units right now
[BLDNG] GDI advanced guard tower is supposed to fire two missiles (like the gunboat does)
[BLDNG] GDI advanced guard tower missiles hit the exact same spot
[BLDNG] GDI doesn't have SAM sites
[BLDNG] Missing plane with airstrip

- Should turn on it's axe/place
- Teleports when the deploy animation begins
- In multiplayer the placement of the MCV is weird (he is not exactly in the middle between the jeep and infantry and thus can't deploy straight away, some instances it works but then the infantry get glitched inside the building)
[UNIT] Humvee/Nod buggy/Recon bike/Harvester; should turn on it's axe/place (as weird as it sounds, the original handled it like that)
[UNIT] Humvee pathfinding (when selecting a humvee in the 1st misson and giving the order to drive across the beach to the left, it will most of the times first go to the top of the map and then eventually to the left)
[UNIT] Minigunner
- Should be able to group up. Up to 5 per block/square (now when given the order to attack they form a neat circle instead around the target of clusters)
- Should move slow(er) when under attack and effectively crawling
- Pathfinding (when moving a bunch of infantry they move in a single file line)
[UNIT] Harvester teleports the last distance to the refinery on the return trip
[UNIT] Gunboat; (when selected) you should be able to give attack target orders
[UNIT] Orca can attack another orca in flight. (this was not possible in the original)
[UNIT] Grenadier unit should explode on death (dealing minor damage to surrounding units)
[UNIT] Chinook
- Looks like a script copy from the orca
- Moves weird when going north
- Missing rotors
- Embarding and disembarking of passengers teleports units
[UNIT] apache
- Damage to buildings vs damage to units is big (Damaging a structure is easier than damaging a tank)
- No payload indicators
- Missing rotors
[UNIT] Mammoth tank
- Missing missile attack (thus can't attack air)
- Animation is off (top and bottom half are misaligned)
- Shells from the barrels come from the center of the unit (and always hit the same spot on a target)
[UNIT] Commando
- NOD and GDI commando's are switched (NOD needs to have the blue one and GDI the beige one)
- Missing idle animation
- Gun sometimes kills a group of infantry (my record is 4 in one shot, maybe the 'splash' is too big)
- Should be able to attack vehicles (but doesn't do a lot of damage to them)
- Has trouble with C4 (C4'ing the south side of a building works, west and east with little difficulty, north he doesn't C4 at all)
- Does a weird shuffle close to the building he is going to C4, right before placing it and right after placing it
- *need conformation on this one* now when there are two commando's against each other, say; 'terrance' and 'philip'. Giving terrance the order to attack the philip. Philip always wins. Terrance moves towards philip for the kill then philip moves a few steps and shoots first. Again i'm not 100% sure this is the same as in the original
- Missing death sound
- Missing building flickering when C4 is placed (much like the blinking/flicker of the attack order blinking/flicker)
- Says 'i've got a present for ya' after placing the C4 (it should be an emote indicating the attack of a building)
- needs to open the hatch towards the infantry
- Embarding and disembarking of passengers teleports units

[SOUND] Looping building structure/unit sound (When 'building' a building or unit, you can sound spam by clicking the building or unit that is being build. The sound will instantly replay on click)
[SOUND] Looping placing structure sound (When placing a building where you are unable to build you can sound spam by clicking quickly. 'cannot deploy here')
[SOUND] Missing building damage sound (When a building's health bar goes from Green to Yellow there should be a sound indicating the state of damage to the building)
[SOUND] Missing currency sound (When receiving or spending money there should be a sound indicating the speed of receiving or spending)
[SOUND] Wrong repair sound (I'm not 100% sure but the sound, when repairing a building, in incorrect
[SOUND] Missing 'our base is under attack' sound
[SOUND] Missing Humvee/vehicle voice
[SOUND] Missing other minigunner/infantry sound
[SOUND] Missing MCV conformation sound (after given the order to deploy)

[LEVEL] GDI mission 1 Has two enemy soldiers sitting in the top left corner. They should come and attack
[LEVEL] GDI mission 1 The gun turrets stop firing at a certain time
[LEVEL] GDI mission 1 The gun turrets are all damaged, only the right one should have damage initially
[LEVEL] GDI mission 2 Taking over the NOD Con.Yard should make (NOD) buildings available for building (Refinery, Hand of NOD and the Silo) After having build the Hand of NOD you could build engineers
[LEVEL] GDI mission 2 when enemy soldiers are blocking the refinery, preventing the harvester to leave, it just sits there frozen on top of the NOD soldiers
[LEVEL] GDI mission 2 Missing NOD patrols, infantry just stands in place until attacked
[LEVEL] GDI mission 2 The NOD minigunner is stuck behind the powerplant (probably has to do with the hitbox detection as it is See: SCRIPT some building aren't the right shape)

for later:
- Weapons factory doors
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Re: Notes: Differences/Suggestions/Bugs

Postby aditya » Thu Jul 04, 2013 5:17 pm

Thank you...

This list is going to be very valuable when I start cleaning up the code after I finish adding all the units ...
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Re: Notes: Differences/Suggestions/Bugs

Postby nicmare » Mon Jul 08, 2013 9:40 pm

VERYgood list. Especially because of gdi advanced towers theyshould attack air units and has no sams! Mammoth can also attack air units. They have rockets.
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Re: Notes: Differences/Suggestions/Bugs

Postby aditya » Tue Jul 09, 2013 8:14 am

nicmare wrote:VERYgood list. Especially because of gdi advanced towers theyshould attack air units and has no sams! Mammoth can also attack air units. They have rockets.

Good point... I will be cleaning up the tech tree in some time to make sure it is perfect...

Initially, I had given grenadiers to both teams because flamethrowers hadn't been done yet... Once flame guys came, NOD no longer needed grenadiers...

Similarly, I had initially given SAM to both since GDI did not yet have Advanced Towers..... Now, I can pull out SAM from GDI...

I am pasting these screen shots from the original tech tree here for record.

nodtree.jpg (87.87 KiB) Viewed 36692 times

gditree.jpg (86.66 KiB) Viewed 36692 times
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Re: Notes: Differences/Suggestions/Bugs

Postby Prometheus » Mon Oct 28, 2013 8:06 am

i just played the first two GDI missions... i noticed these bugs... i tried not to repeat ones from the list above, i'm sorry if i missed one...

it seemed to me the soldiers sometimes don't follow your orders correctly... for example, they attack different targets that are in range but not the one you told them to attack.
and maybe related, when i had a large group in the end attacking the harvester, there were some soldiers who didn't get in range to fire and just wiggled back and forth...

also, for some reason, all the vehicles in mission 2 seemed to start out damaged, even the enemy harvester.-

speaking of damage... it feels sowewhat inconsistent. infantry seem to take very long to get killed by machine guns.

the harvester leaves the refinery too quickly when it delivers the tiberium.

the Hum-Vees have weird movement, constantly veering left and right for no apparent reason and sometimes getting lost.

there was one enemy soldier behind the power plant in the NOD base and it was impossible to target him... they would always fire on the building instead, no matter how hard i tried.
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Re: Notes: Differences/Suggestions/Bugs

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