Good Books and Resources For HTML5 Game Programmers

This is a growing list of books and other resources that I think are extremely valuable for programmers trying to start out developing games



JavaScript: The Good Parts – This authoritative guide to JavaScript language is considered one of the standard bibles for learning JavaScript. The book will help you master the genuinely important aspects of the language like Syntax, Objects, Functions, Inheritance, Arrays, Regular expressions, Styles, Methods and Beautiful features.

Effective JavaScript: 68 Specific Ways to Harness the Power of JavaScript – This is one the best JavaScript books I have ever read. Each of the 68 items are concise and ends with clear recommendations for your JavaScript code. Every one of these sections will teach you at-least a few things that you never knew about JavaScript. This book is jam packed with nuggets of information. I would highly recommend this book to all developers who use JavaScript.

Game Programming

Pro HTML5 Games – Pro HTML5 Games takes readers through the process of building two complete, professional looking games in HTML5 from scratch. You will learn to build a Box2D engine based physics puzzle game just like Angry Birds, called Froot Wars. You will also learn to build a complete RTS game like Command and Conquer – HTML5 called Last Colony with both a single player campaign as well as multiplayer. If you are just starting out with HTML5 game programming and want to learn to make amazing, professional looking games using HTML5, then Pro HTML5 Games is the book for you.


3D Game Textures: Create Professional Game Art Using Photoshop – The third edition of 3D Game Textures is a great resource that mainly caters to the newbie game art creator. This book is an amazing primer on the world of 3d graphics – textures, shaders and making graphics look more realistic. The author, Luke Ahearn is a designer, producer and art director who has worked on 15 published game titles including “Dead Reckoning” and “America’s Army” and he has written a pretty concise book for those wanting to create 3D game art/textures via Photoshop. Overall, this book is a great reference and I would recommend it to any newcomer to the world of 3D game art design.

Game Monetization

Who Killed Video Games? A Ghost Story – Tim Rogers’s essay is one of the most interesting pieces of technology reporting I’ve ever read. It’s a long account of the mechanics of “social games” where psycho-mathematicians or behavioral economists or engagement designers create systems to make games compelling without being enjoyable. An insightful journey into the world of Free To Play games and the process of making compelling, monetized games. Definitely worth a read.