by Aditya Ravi Shankar

This is a recreation of the original Command and Conquer RTS game, entirely in HTML5 and JavaScript.

The current version includes several levels in the single player campaign and multiplayer support using Node.js.

If you are interested in game programming, you can read more about the development of this game and some of my game programming articles on my website.

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Your browser does not support the HTML5 Canvas feature. This game uses new HTML5 features and will only work on the latest versions of Firefox, Safari or Chrome (and maybe Internet Explorer 9).

DISCLAIMER: This project is only intended as a technical proof of concept to demonstrate the basic working elements of an RTS game in HTML5. No commercial use is intended. All images and sounds used are from C&C - Tiberian Dawn and are property of the original game creators.

This game works only on HTML5 compatible browsers. It has been tested on Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and Mozilla Firefox. Internet Explorer 9 does not work.

Bugs and Feedback:

Please leave feedback, suggestions and bug reports on the C&C - HTML5 Facebook Page or the C&C -Issues Tracker (preferred).

If you have trouble running the game on your system, please do mention your exact system configuration and browser in the feedback. If you can look at the console logs and notice any error messages, that would help too. Just saying "It isn't working" doesn't help me much when debugging problems.


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