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Last Colony
by Aditya Ravi Shankar

Last Colony, is an RTS game with both a single player campaign mode as well as a multiplayer mode, created entirely in HTML5 and JavaScript.

The single player campaign includes an economy with buildings, vehicles, aircraft along with an over arching storyline told using scripted events.

If you are interested in learning how to recreate this game entirely from scratch, you can find a detailed walk through in my new book Pro HTML5 Games.

If you are interested in game programming, you can read some of my game programming articles on my website.

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In the process of creating this game, we look at adding intelligent unit movement using pathfinding and steering, and combat using a combination of scripted events, and finite state machines.

We then look at adding multiplayer, covering everything from the basics of WebSocket and Node.JS, to details such as compensating for network latency while keeping the player games synchronized.

Welcome to your first mission.