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Fighting Boredom

Right now, I feel a feeling that I think of as boredom. I don’t even know if I’m using the right word for the feeling because I can’t really show the feeling to someone and verify that I have the right name. 

So I have this feeling, which I think is called boredom, which I believe must be fought. And the reason I believe it must be fought is because that’s apparently what you do with boredom, fight it until you no longer have it. 

Now fighting boredom involves doing things that don’t bore you so you no longer feel bored. So in a way fighting is just a way of distracting yourself with amusing things. The dilemma I face with boredom however is that no matter how many times I valiantly fight it and win, it eventually comes back. 

This is why I sometimes wonder if someone ever took the time to find a more effective and permanent solution. Maybe, instead of fighting, we could just be friends? But if fighting is distracting yourself, what is making friends with boredom?

If you are friends with it, does boredom suddenly become fun? But why would boredom change because of friendship? Real friendship is about accepting friends as they are instead of expecting them to change. 

So now I’m stuck with a friend who is pure boredom, never leaves my side, and whom I can’t even fight with or do anything to distract myself from. Now what do I do?

Maybe this is why people prefer fighting and distracting themselves to making new friends. 

A world filled with idiots

I’ve expressed this before, the thought that I am in a world filled by monkeys with delusions of intellect, constantly pretending that they are spouting profound wisdom when all they are really doing is making barking noises in a previous article – Why do monkeys pretend to talk?

If you haven’t read it yet, I would recommend that you do so now, otherwise this article might seem somewhat confusing.

So continuing where we left off in that article, we live in a world of monkeys that bark and pretend that these barking noises are actually meaningful words. Now barking monkeys by themselves are mostly harmless, if somewhat noisy. 

The situation however is compounded by the fact that monkeys also like to pretend that they are acting intelligently, when in fact all they were designed to do was eat, procreate, and entertain themselves by swinging from trees and occasionally flinging feces at each other.

Thanks to their fascination with making up and using new words, these monkeys find words like achievement, purpose, duty and goals to justify a vast number of mind numbing and completely idiotic things that they seem to enjoy doing. Very often they just pretend to enjoy themselves so others will believe it, even while they themselves are completely bored with what they are doing. I know it seems like a very confused world when described this way. 

I would understand a monkey that just acted like a monkey. But a monkey that then spends twenty minutes afterwards justifying what it just did as a higher purpose or calling, or saying it was doing the right thing or a good thing, is an idiot. That’s the only word for it. 

I love the word idiot, because it describes and explains the behaviour of every single human monkey I have come across in my lifetime.  

Now don’t get me wrong. In no way am I claiming that the world is full of idiots and that I am somehow the only sane one. Not at all. What I am saying is that I appear to be the only person who is aware that he is an idiot monkey playing pretend in a world full of idiots playing pretend. Everyone else actually seems to believe the lies they have been telling themselves and seem to have forgotten that they are just monkeys, pretending to be more. 

Purpose, religion, goal, career, duty – All these meaningless words that people use to justify their silly actions, all used to help them in pretending that their pointless existence actually has a higher meaning and purpose; When all they were ever meant to do, was be a monkey, eat, amuse themselves, maybe have children, and then die. Nothing more. 

But for a lot of monkeys, this wasn’t enough. They found a better and higher meaning to their existence. 

Somehow one special sub-category of a breed of monkeys with opposable thumbs decided that they were specially selected, not to die, but instead go to a newer and better place called heaven. And since life on heaven is a better life than their current one, half the idiot monkeys just waste away their current life in waiting to go to heaven. As for the other half, I don’t even want to try to guess what they are doing, or how their mind justifies their idiotic actions. 

Do you still wonder why I find the word idiot appropriate to describe everyone in this world? Nothing anyone does ever makes sense, but  somehow they keep finding convoluted justifications to try and convince themselves that everything makes sense. Some even decide to use a special category  of meaningless words such as – “Don’t worry. It will all make sense in the end. If it doesn’t yet make sense, then it isn’t the end”. This category of soothing but totally meaningless words that seem to make a lot of sense, but are actually just complete nonsense are usually called profound sayings.

This is the world we are in. As I think about this, I am left wondering what I am even doing here, in this world filled with idiots. At this point, there is no lie that I can make up that sounds convincing enough. I am doing nothing of significance here. 

The truth is, I am just passing time, eating food, swinging from trees, throwing poop, and doing whatever I can to entertain myself, until I become too old to do so. And I’ve decided to call doing this “becoming path oriented instead of goal oriented so I can fulfill my highest purpose” because it sounds more profound when I say it this way.

Why do monkeys pretend to talk?

This is a thought that I’ve had for a while now. Most creatures have mouths and tongues so they can taste and eat food. Some creatures learn to use these mouths to make noises either to attract attention or warn others. 

As mammals evolved, the complexity of these vocalisations increased with them being able to create a large range of grunts, growls and other unique sounds. 

However of all these creatures, man was the only animal which decided that the random and meaningless sounds it made actually meant something significant. No dog was calling its barking poetry.  No cow was calling its mooing wisdom.

However man decreed that certain growls and grunts in certain specific patterns mean something special and profound. In fact the barking sounds represented by “profound” and “beautiful” are things that all human apes aspired towards. However, no one seemed to realise, that unlike growls like apple and orange, which they could atleast point to and identify in the real world, profound is a noise that no one could really point to or identify, making it even more meaningless of a sound. 

Take the time to look around at this world where everyone is just barking sounds at each other and pretending that they are conversing, and ask yourself, what do you really see now? Not just at each other, people make meaningless sounds at animals that can’t possibly make the same sounds back, and at plants that can’t respond in any way. And then, to top it off, they decide to tell themselves that what they are doing is a beautiful way of expressing love, another meaningless sound that they can’t point at or identify. 

As I stare at this nonsensical world around me, I am left with but one question – “What am I even doing on this silly planet where everyone is just barking at each other?”.  And as I ponder the question, another one comes to me – “Why am I acting as if my last question has any meaning at all, when all these words are just meaningless sounds made by monkeys who think they are talking?”

The Pathless Path

For most of my life, I insisted on having goals for everything I wanted to achieve. Fitness? – “This is how I want to look and these are the things I am going to do to get there”. Wealth? – “These are the things I want to have and these are the things I will do to try and get them”. 

Everything had a goal, and each goal had milestones and the steps needed to accomplish them. 

After years and years or banging my head against walls trying to achieve my goals, I realised something very important about goals – that both striving for and achieving them are equally pointless and unfulfilling. 

The only thing I ever seemed to get out of accomplishing a goal was a momentary sense of achievement, and then it was back to either getting bored with nothing to do or planning the next goal to strive for. 

I was racing a never ending race with myself, while somehow convincing myself that I was actually competing with other people. But the truth was, no one else even cared! Everyone else was too busy running their own races to actually pay attention to me. 

Once I had this realisation, no way I looked at the situation could ever make the whole idea seem anything other than pointless. 

Sometime soon after this realisation, I came upon the concept of being path oriented instead of goal oriented. This idea sounded very profound to me, and by sounded profound I mean I had no idea what it meant. So, obviously, I decided to pretend it was something very special that I needed to understand and achieve. 

For the longest time afterwards, I would still have goals, draw the straightest line possible from where I was to directly achieving the goal, call this straight line my path, and then tell myself I was now path oriented. Obviously, nothing had changed in my life and this silly definition of path oriented serves no purpose other than to temporarily distract me. 

Very recently though, I’ve come upon a new way of looking at life that doesn’t even involve goals. Looking back, I realise now that this might possibly be what people mean by being path oriented.  

So nowadays if people ask me what my goals are, I can respond with “I don’t have goals anymore. I am more path oriented than goal oriented”. If they then asks me what this path of mine is, I just stare at them as if this is the silliest question in the world until they look away sheepishly. 

Luckily for me, no one ever asks me to explain what path oriented means, which is a good thing because I still have no idea. 

I just don’t set goals anymore. I still have dreams and wishes, which I do nothing to achieve. I then wander about doing whatever I feel like doing, just like a little child. That’s it. Doesn’t sound like much, does it? Trust me, it isn’t. 

Then why am I even doing it? I don’t know, for some reason my life feels like a lot more fun nowadays. I can’t even imagine going back to setting goals anymore. 

Would I recommend this for anyone else? Most definitely not. 

I assume you are a motivated, goal oriented person who always works towards and accomplishes their dreams. 

If however you have the misfortune of getting mixed up in this path oriented business, do let me know. It would be nice to know that there are now two of us weirdos around in this world.