Aditya Ravi Shankar

Software Developer, Data Scientist, Game Programmer, and Author

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I am a software developer, data scientist, game programmer and author, who loves technology and programming. My journey began in 1993, when I wrote my first game in GW-BASIC from a book I found at the library, which ignited my passion and enthusiasm for technology and programming.

I graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology - Madras in 2001 and worked as a software consultant for investment banks and large Fortune 100 companies for nearly a decade. I developed valuable experience and skills in developing trading and analytics systems, but I also had a desire to pursue my own projects and ideas. I left my corporate life behind me so I could have the freedom to focus on doing what I loved.

Since then, I have worked on various projects including web-apps, games, mobile apps, and artificial intelligence and machine learning based experiments. I am grateful that some of my personal projects have received recognition, such as re-creating the famous Command and Conquer Real Time Strategy game using HTML5. I have also written a book called Pro HTML5 Games, which shares my knowledge and experience on how to create your own RTS games from scratch.

I enjoy experimenting with new technologies, writing articles on my personal website (, and doing consulting work for companies to help them launch new software products.

I have a passion for programming, but it’s not my sole interest. I am fascinated by neuroscience, especially the concept of neuroplasticity—the brain’s ability to adapt and change and the ability to learn at astonishing speeds given the right training method. I’m intrigued by how the brain adjusts to new experiences, like myelination that strengthens neural pathways, and the idea of automating feedback loops to facilitate rapid learning without conscious effort. I also study Neuro Linguistic Programming and conversational hypnosis because of how effective they can be in enabling rapid behavioral change in individuals dealing with phobias, disorders, or limiting beliefs.

I like to challenge myself by learning new skills and hobbies that require coordination, attention, and memory, and try to find ways to do so as efficiently and effortlessly as possible. Some of the skills I have acquired include dancing salsa and tango, taekwondo and mixed martial arts, learning several new languages, and playing musical instruments.

Applying these principles, one of the projects that I am currently exploring is to treat Amblyopia (a visual development disorder that reduces the vision in one eye), by using dichoptic training (a technique that provides different stimuli to both eyes) to improve the vision in the affected eye in an extremely short period of time.

Projects & Books

Pro HTML5 Games

Dive into advanced HTML5 and JavaScript game development with Pro HTML5 Games. From physics-based puzzles to real-time strategy, learn how to create professional-quality games using JavaScript and HTML5. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting out, you’ll learn techniques and skills to craft professional HTML5 games and build engaging experiences!

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