The Lost Connection: A Story of Fear and Hope

  • 4 mins read

There once was a world where all living creatures were connected to each other by an invisible link, and through this link they would always be able to sense other creatures nearby. Every time a creature was in need, the creatures nearby would sense its need and come to its aid, and so every creature had its needs met without ever needing to do anything.

In this world no creature needed to worry about its own needs and focused on the connection and the needs of others, knowing that its own needs would always be met by others. Every creature trusted completely in this connection and in their fellow creatures, giving them a sense of safety and security unlike anything else. It was a beautiful world without unhappiness or fear.

But one day, something terrible happened. The creatures slowly but steadily started getting taken over by a terrible sense of fear which overwhelmed them. They could no longer feel the connection with others clearly and suddenly no longer felt safe. Every creature now started panicking and focusing on its own needs and stopped trying to help others, because it didn’t know or trust that others would help it. All because this fear told them that the connection was gone and could no longer be relied on.

The beautiful world soon became a world driven by fear. Generations passed and the creatures slowly forgot that the connection had ever existed, and when the idea of a connection was mentioned it was treated as a myth or folk tale. No one believed it had ever existed.

The connection was still there of course. Hidden deep inside but drowned out by the fear, it still lay there waiting for the creatures to start believing and trusting again. However no one did, because they no longer even knew how. 

But despite all of this, the creatures still felt something from within, some more than others. Some felt a need to find others that they could trust and rely on because they felt as if they were alone. Some felt a desire to help others in need because it gave them a sense of fulfilment that they couldn’t understand.  Some felt something calling out to them from deep inside, though they couldn’t tell what. 

All of them sensed they were missing something, that they were incomplete, a part of a bigger whole, but none of them understood what had happened to them.

Then a few lucky ones started losing their fear and connected with that feeling deep inside them. They suddenly realized what they had been missing and searching for all their lives, and that discovery gave them some semblance of happiness.

However in a world overwhelmed with fear, surrounded by people who didn’t even know of the connection, the happiness couldn’t last long. Trying to listen to their connection, most of the time they heard the screams of fear from the creatures around them, and even being around other creatures became difficult for them. If they talked about the connection they were told by others that the connection didn’t really exist.  

So, feeling alone and isolated, they chose to hide the existence of the connection and blend in with the others as best as they could, while experimenting with their newfound feelings in secret. As they experimented they realized that they had discovered something incredible. 

Little did they know that they weren’t discovering something new and heading to a whole new world. They were rediscovering the perfect world that they had always been a part of. 

Discreetly they started sharing their discoveries with others using messages that only others who had experienced the connection could understand and slowly they helped more and more people discover this connection within, slowly but surely heading back towards the perfect world that they had once come from.

And this is where our story begins.